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hazel_eyesxo's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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November 12th, 2005]
[ mood | content ]

_Hey everyone..sorry I have been mia for like the past two mouths but I just had to get away from everything..but now I'm back and all better
_Nothing really happened..other then me getting everything off my mind and stuff..but the bad thing now is that I'm going to have to make up all that school work..so if there as anyone that would like to help me make up that work I would like love you forever and a day. :) call me or something if you would like to be the one to help me do that.
_I was hoping to have a girls night soon so if you want to do that call
_Well I'm off



September 18th, 2005]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hey...sorry I have been mia for a while...just haven't had much time to get on line and update because of school and homework..so now I'm getting stuff together for the trip with Jimmy to look at collages I'm so happy that him and I will finally have a long time with each other to talk about stuff..where no one can bother us so yeah it should be fun with a week off of school and spending time with Jimmy

_I think I might have a girls night out sometime when I get back...so yeah just call or something you want to join..



August 21st, 2005]
[ mood | discontent ]

_Hey..sorry i havent updated in a while but since school has started there really isnt that much to do because everyone is busy...but what can i do about that so..yeah..

_Anyone want to do something today. Im kinda bored and feel like doing something. Give me a call or something if you do..

_sorry this is so short

♥ Hazel


August 12th, 2005]
[ mood | bored ]

_Well hey to everyone...I really havent done anything the past 2 days but before that i hung out with Jimmy and Ashley..but i had to leave early so..yeah...But the one night i was hanging out with him he scared me half to death...we were watching scream and i still jump at parts in that movie...so at the very end of the movie Jimmy grabed my sides and yell boo and you get the picture...

_So why doesnt anyone comment me anymore..i feel unloved..:(..well im going to go....not that much to talk about

♥ Hazel


Friends [Saturday,
August 6th, 2005]
[ mood | crazy ]

_Hey..well i got to hangout with Jimmy yesterday..which was cool...we went to the dot and talk about something and how things where going and that we might go to the same collage after we graduate...the after that we went to Jimmys house to go swimming...hah which was fun...we got in to a water fight...he won and it was only because he was tickling me...but then we both had to leave...

_Think i might call paige on tuesday and see if she wants to go shopping or something..seeing as we havent seen each other all summer...which sucks...

_Well im out...

♥ Hazel


August 4th, 2005]
[ mood | content ]

_Well there really isnt that much new in my life...i feel alot better then what i did in my last entery.. I dont really know what me and jimmy are at this moment in time cuz we talk and stuff like we always have and we are trying to make plans that are good for both of us so..i really dont know

_Im kinda happy that school is going to start in a couple of days cuz i will be able to see everyone that i havent been able to see all summer...witch is alot of people...:(

_Well im off...going to try and find something to do tomorrow...

♥ Hazel


It's My Fault [Wednesday,
July 27th, 2005]
[ mood | depressed ]

_Well there really isn't that much to say...Jimmy and I are broke up for now...its just that we have not really been about to see each other because every time we make plans something come up and i can go to see him

_We are still going to be friends and stuff..maybe get back together when school starts back up..I Hope So.. I just feel so bad and stuff..Even though he he kissed Liz and whatever..I know that it was my fault that he did do that because i didn't go to see him really...i just couldn't really stand to see him like that...i don't know why but it was just hard...

_Well don't know whats planed for tomorrow but maybe i will call Paige for someone and see if they want to hang out

♥ Hazel


July 23rd, 2005]
[ mood | devious ]

[[ well im going on vacation so im not going to be able to update for a week...Please dont delete me or anything...]]


You have my heart [Sunday,
July 17th, 2005]
[ mood | bored ]

_Well sorry i havent updated in a while there really isnt that much going on in my life right now so there really wasnt that much to say..there still isnt that much going on

_ I think that i might call Jimmy later and see if he wants to do something because i really havent hung out with him alot lately and I want to see him

_Well i must be going cuz it looks like its going to storm

♥ Hazel


_you will always be my everything_ [Sunday,
July 10th, 2005]
[ mood | exhausted ]

_i just got back from Liberty's house and we had a blast

_after we got back from the mall we had to watch her little brother Danny which wasn't bad...he actually listened to everything we said...haha. but we were just hanging out and we ordered pizza and rented movies for all 3 of us to watch and we had a lot of fun. once we were done watching the movies it was time to put Danny to bed..that was a hard task let me tell ya...he just didn't want to go..haha but he eventually went (: then we got online and Spinner asked out Liberty i'm worried about her though...i mean dont get me wrong, they will be great for each other, but the way Spinner is...and how no one likes him anymore because of Jimmy...i just hope Libs does him some good. Good Luck sweetie! and she said yes...that's soo cute! haha then we went to bed.

_the next morning i got up around 1 in the afternoon and Libs was already awake and online talking to Eliza about her party tonight which i am soo stoked for...i gotta go shopping for a new outfit! hahaha! her dad made us brunch which consisted of milk and egg, cheese, and bacon sandwhiches which were really good(: haha then we went down to the pool to lay out and stuff and she was on the raft and i was laying on the big blue beach towel that they had...haha then her mom came down and i played pool volleyball against her...haha i totally lost...then her mom had to leave because she had to take Danny to JT's house to hang out for a little while. so Libs and i played volleyball...then my mom called my cell phone and i told her to come get me around 4-4:30ish...around 3:30 we got out of the pool and sat down on the deck to dry off, then we came inside and i got ready to go home

_my mom pulled in the driveway right when Liberty's mom did...haha...then i came home, ate something, now i am gonna go get a shower before Eliza's party and head off to the mall to get something new to wear! so i am gonna go do that...i'll see you all at the party (:

_sleep over next weekend at Liberty's house...you all better be there...haha



♥ you can take me anywhere [Saturday,
July 9th, 2005]
[ mood | crazy ]

Liberty finally convinced me to get a journal...i know i would need one because it is summer ya know? haha whatever.

today i got up and sat on the computer for a long time! haha...then i ended up being home alone so i took my house keys and some money and went down to the Dot Grill for lunch with Liberty. then we went out to go shopping! then i walked her home and then i came home...pretty much just hung out here

i miss Jimmy, i feel so bad for him being in the wheelchair...i hope everything turns alright...i love him ♥

now i am back here at Liberty's hanging out...i must get going though...LADIES NIGHT!


would someone be interested in making my journal cool looking? comment and let me know (:


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